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B737 FMS Tutorial — Technical Details

The Value of this App

The author of this app is a former Boeing 737 pilot, a current 767 captain, and NAFI Master CFI.

“I saw the value of a serious training aid for the FMS after a flight where both pilots were heads down trying to program a hold. Yes, I was one of those pilots.”

So many things about the FMS are non-intuitive, compared to modern computers. But once you learn about the FMS, and why it does the things it does, you can navigate through the system with confidence.

Learn the FMS before starting your Type Rating

Training for your type rating has been compared to drinking from a fire hose.

Familiarity with the FMS should be considered a pre-requisite — and not something to learn while also trying to learn the airplane.

Stay Current

Holds, Alternates, Point/Bearing/Distance or Along-Track Offset clearances are rare, but when you get them, you need to be able to do them quickly and accurately.

Rigorous Reverse Engineering of the FMS

This is an accurate emulation of over 40 specific page types and countless small behaviors of the FMS.

Accurate Database

The database is imported from the FAA Coded Instrument Flight Procedures, and is updated every 28 days, just like a real FMS.

This ensures accurate displays.

Quality Assurance

Hundreds of automated tests are run, cross-checked with a real FMS as installed on a Boeing 737.

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